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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!


Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Winston McLean reviewed Momentum Martial Arts
via Facebook

I highly recommend Momentum and Shifu Kris and his crew. My daughter loves her martial art...she's having fun, it's safe, and her confidence is growing by leaps and bounds. We checked out other schools and something was off; the moment we stepped thru the door ar Momentum my daughter's eyes lit up. She found her school.

Kate Joy Carilla Modon reviewed Momentum Martial Arts
via Facebook

What a great place to go for a workout! Great motivation from the coaches, knowledgeable place and always will be a family and friendly feels. Would rate it 100/10!!

Brittany Cameron reviewed Momentum Martial Arts
via Facebook

I signed up for a free Krav Maga class and absolutely LOVED it! The teacher Mark was very informative and helpful. The classmates were supportive and friendly, it was a great atmosphere. Also the workout was amazing and I learned so much in just an hour! Can't wait to sign up full time!

Pamela Harder reviewed Momentum Martial Arts
via Facebook

My girls started there in September we were all welcomed and it feels like family. Very Friendly and welcoming. They do an excellent job of making my girls feel confident and teaching them what they need to know. My girls are always asking when they can go back. Very positive experience!!! Excellent place and Wonderful Staff and Coaches

Derrick Boucher reviewed Momentum Martial Arts
via Facebook

I love this place. I have been regularly attending there classes including Bjj and Muay Thia as well as the Krav Maga. I was nervous at first having no experience with any of these classes and have found myself at home here. The coaching and the members of momentum are nothing but friendly and they will take the time to propel you to be the best you. There is no ego here as I was worried about walking into a gym where people who train to fight would be walking chest out. But instead there ego is left at the door. I challenge anyone to come here and not walk out with a deep respect for the gym and the people who make this place happen everyday.

Kent Hanson reviewed Momentum Martial Arts
via Facebook

My family started training bjj at momentum in June and have loved it since we started. My son does sessions Monday and Saturdays with Jo, Josh and Paradon and they do a tremendous job with the kids. My wife and I train 2-3 times a week and it is such a positive environment for beginners, it's also very female friendly with instructors Jane and Shar helping to make my wife feel comfortable and relaxed. Jane, Shar and Clay do a good job instructing the beginner class and making it easy to learn and how to start to link moves together. Very positive experience.

Angel Amanda reviewed Momentum Martial Arts
via Facebook

Been attending momentum for 9 months now, I can't even begin to explain the amazing things this place does, or how caring all of the coaches are for all of the kids. They are really here to help everyone grow and succeed. It's truly an amazing thing to witness week in and week out. If you are looking for a place that has that family, caring atmosphere this is the place for you!!! Thanks for everything you do for us!!! Couldn't imagine being anywhere else

James Hernandez reviewed Momentum Martial Arts
via Facebook

Momentum has influenced me in a huge and astonishing way. On and off the mat. I’ve been training with the Momentum fam since 2014, the atmosphere is so great! Everyone there helps to build a better community and show that they truly have a passion to build self confidence, mentally and physically. If you’re gonna train, I’d strongly recommend momentum martial arts. We’d love to see you grow along with us. See you on the mats! :)

Chauna Arcand reviewed Momentum Martial Arts
via Facebook

So impressed with the Momentum birthday party! Instructors were great! The kids had a blast and made it not stressful for parents at all! Thank you so much! And of course my son loved the samurai sword cake cutting the best!

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Our latest news & thoughts

The Best Summer Camps Teach Martial Arts

The Best Summer Camps Teach Martial Arts

It might not seem possible, but summer is almost here. The kids will be out of school – and
you’ll be wondering what you can do to help them fill their days with something other than
endless rounds of video games.

We have the ideal solution in our martial arts camps for kids. The children who attend
our camps get to enjoy a wide range of activities – and they’ll have a great time doing it.
Let’s talk about some of the benefits of signing your kids up for our summer camp.

#1: You Won’t Have to Worry Where Your Kids Are

Whether you work all day or you’re in and out of the house, you’re probably accustomed to
spending some of your summer worrying about what your kids are doing. Will they stay at
home or get into trouble?
When your kids are with us, they’ll be supervised. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing
where they are, who they’re with, and what they’re doing.

#2: They’ll Get Plenty of Exercise

Our martial arts summer camps for kids ensures that your kids won’t spend their summers
lounging in front of video games. They’ll get age-appropriate martial arts instruction that
includes physical exercise, as well as many other activities and games, including outside time in Saskatoon’s greatest parks.
Kids need exercise to be healthy. The achievable goals and regular testing that are the
hallmarks of martial arts instruction will help them build the habit of exercise and keep them
motivated both in and out of class.

#3: They’ll Learn Things to Help Them in School

The five tenets of martial arts teach kids to be courteous, dignified, controlled, confident,
and spirited. These are qualities that will help them at camp, and they’ll take them back to
school when the summer ends.
We think one of the biggest benefits of attending our camps are that kids learn the
kinds of skills they need to be successful in life. They’ll head back to school with new tools
and a strong mindset that will help them be better students.

#4: They’ll Make New Friends

Summer is the season when kids can spend time with their friends. But for some kids, it can
also be a time when friends are traveling and loneliness sets in. That’s not the case with our
summer camps.
The kids who come here have plenty of time to socialize with one another. Classes are
grouped by age and every child who attends comes in knowing they have something in
common with the other campers. We’ve seen life-long friendships formed at our camps. Your
child’s new best friend could be waiting for them here!

#5: Your Kids Will Have Fun

It might not be easy to get your kids to agree to an old fashioned summer camp, but we find that’s not the
case when parents propose our martial arts summer camps to their kids. Studying the martial arts is
fun, and it’s a great social activity.
In addition to martial arts, we offer tons of other fun activities for kids. They’ll play games,
laugh, go on field trips, and get to know the other kids in a relaxed setting. We think it’s the best way to spend a
summer vacation – and we think your kids will agree!


Instead of worrying where your kids are or what they’re doing the summer, why not enroll
them in our martial arts summer camps? They’ll have a great time, learn something new, and
pick up skills that will endure for a lifetime.

To learn more about our summer camps please click here.