August 16th, 2022
Momentum After School Program! September 1, 2022

We are currently picking up from:

  • Willow Grove School
  • Sylvia Fedoruk School
  • St. Francis Cree Bilingual School
  • Buena Vista School
  • W.P. Bate School
  • St. Francis School
  • James L. Alexander School

Contact us about Registering for the Fall 2022-23 School Year!

OAMA West & Ground Games September 24, 2022

The Next OAMA West Weekend is:

  • September 24th & 25th in Winnipeg!
  • Join us and register NOW!

The Next Ground Games Events are:

  • Saturday, September 24th in Winnipeg!
  • Saturday, October 1st in SASKATOON!

If you’d like to attend OR PARTICIPATE in these events, talk with Coach KRIS – and let’s carpool with Momentum friends, jump in the Momentum Van, or use your airmiles!

8 Weeks of Summer Camps! August 16, 2022 | $299

Only ONE MORE WEEK of Summer Camp! Don’t miss out!


Week 8 2022 – August 22 – 26 _ THEME: Pokemon: 2!


Camps have been a BIG HIT so far this Summer! Give your child the gift of physical activity this Summer!

August 16, 2022 | 45

Join us for the most sought after kids event of the year, Halloween: Parents Night Out!!

The kids will have fun playing games, eating pizza, and will watch a (child appropriate) movie to cap off the night!

Who’s invited:
EVERYONE! *you don’t have to be a momentum student to participate!
Ages 5-12 (with EXTREMELY limited space for kids under 5)

Parking: We know, it's tough. August 16, 2022

Our new neighours appreciate your sacrifice of walking to your workout. Street Parking along 46th, including West of Faithful, is available for use.

Please note that all parking West of our front door (towards Faithful Ave), are Nostalgic Garage’s spots.

**PLEASE DO NOT park behind the cars parked nose in (inside the lot).  The folks parked nose-in will not be able to leave their spots if you’re parked or stopped behind them.

Clip Your Nails! August 16, 2022

Please make sure to clip your finger and toe nails, at least once a week.

Please keep your finger and toe nails CLEAN and very short, for you and your training partners safety.

Getting scratched is no fun, and provides opportunities for infection.

Join the #MomentumFamily Members Only Facebook Group August 16, 2022

1) SEARCH:  ” #MomentumFamily Members Only ”
=> look for our Dragon Mascot, Impulse!!

2) Send a request, fill out the questions, and join the group. 

Stay in touch with everything going on at the gym.  This is easily the BEST way to keep in touch.